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C L I E N T   C O M M E N T S
Philadelphia Voice Teacher

"I am currently a naval officer nearing retirement. I wanted to try stage and film acting and contacted Corbin because I had no experience. Since I began working with Corbin in March 2015, I have been cast in a play, The Graduate, and a musical, Dogfight, and have auditioned for TV episodes and short films. For The Graduate, Corbin provided a safe, interactive, one-on-one, and encouraging atmosphere. This was important for me because I did not want to be doing this for the first time at my age in front of a class of college students. As I had never done this before, Corbin was able to draw upon his decades of experience to not only help me in reading my lines and develop my character but also mentored me on what to expect once on the stage and cast and crew expectations for me. For my musical audition training, I regard Corbin as a subject matter expert. It has been approximately 25 years since I’ve done any formal choir/music training and Corbin was able to immediately identify areas in my singing that required work. He had me work on vocal exercises and breathing techniques all of which helped increase my range and increase my confidence when singing in front of a room full of people for the audition.


Corbin is an outstanding coach and mentor! He uses his on-stage and in front of the stage experience to help the actor develop their character and he won’t let the actor deliver any performance that’s less than their best. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, he likes to have fun during lessons. I’ve been with him now for seven months and I’m excited to work on future projects with him!"


-Peter Sommers, Acting student



“Corbin Abernathy was instrumental in developing drama into one of Philly ASAP’s core initiatives, along with Chess, Scrabble and Debate. Corbin is incredibly effective at using dramatic exercises to harness students’ creative energy while developing their communication skills. As a teaching artist, Corbin led 3 high quality after school drama clubs for elementary-age students this past year.  Each of Corbin’s clubs showcased their talents at school performances and one group even wrote an original play!  In addition to his work with students, Corbin collaborated with Philly ASAP to design and lead trainings for future teaching artists.   His experience as a teacher and club leader provided for a thorough and exciting training and has helped Philly ASAP introduce the benefits of drama and the performing arts to new schools and communities throughout Philadelphia.” 


-Justin Ennis, Executive Director ASAP Philadelphia



" I've been a union performer for thirteen years, having done both stage and screen, and like many actors who have been at this for a while, I thought that I knew everything, but I was wrong. Corbin unlocked an entirely new level of vocal ability and emotional vulnerability that I never knew I had. He has been in the business for years, so he is not only coming at you as an instructor, he is also approaching each lesson as a fellow performer. He understands the ups and downs of the business, and his ability to relate makes every class a comfortable and nurturing learning environment. He started as my teacher at The Walnut Street Theatre in Philly, and I am now honored to call him a friend!"


- Ryan Tygh, SAG/AFTRA Actor



" This past winter I took Corbin Abernathy's 'On-Camera Class' for beginners at The Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia. Having only been a stage actor, I needed to learn how to be smaller in my movement in front of the camera, and more specific in my inner life. Corbin made the learning experience not only comfortable and fluid, he also made the atmosphere fun and exciting. If you are thinking of taking an 'On-Camera' class contact Corbin, you can't go wrong."


- Patrick Lyons, Actor




Once in a while someone comes along with whom you immediately find affinity and common interests--Corbin is one of those people in my life. He is an exceptionally good communicator and teacher. I always feel inspired and excited when I've finished a lesson, and I look forward to seeing him for the next. He gives real content and gives it something else--a key. The key that unlocks deeper understanding and confidence to continue. This is a very rare quality in anyone, let alone a teacher. Bravo, Corbin!


-Kate Johnson, Adjunct Professor of English, Chestnut Hill College


"Corbin has been the best acting instructor I ever had. He is very professional and has helped me a lot with being able to bring out emotion required for acting. Allowing me to be a more Realistic Actor than Naturalistic. Corbin is very fun and funny, as well as a great motivational teacher. I also have him to thank for casting me in a play that he recently directed. It has been a true pleasure to have been working with him and learning from him and I am very excited to continue doing so."


-Nate Fancis, Acting student currently working out of LA 2022



"Corbin has been a fantastic teacher. Upbeat, knowledgeable, encouraging. He knows a wide range of teaching techniques and goals and always could tell which one I should pursue. I was able to reach my goals surprising quickly (Thanks!)"


-Guillaume Marceau, Accent Reduction student



"During Corbin's  master class at the Minuetto Music Festival, I observed a very meticulous, professional teacher who was able to communicate his corrections in a non-threatening way. He assessed my delivery and pinpointed a key element (i.e. my acting skills), which he felt were out of character for a woman living during the 1800's. Recognizing my dance background, he showed me how to connect movement to the text. To work with Mr. Abernathy would be a privilege for anyone, whether seasoned or novice, who wishes to hone one's acting skills."


- Cassandra Lambros, Soprano, Milton Cross Rising Star Award Winner, Minuetto Music Festival 2013



"Corbin Abernathy taught two acting classes at a festival I recently attended (Minuetto Music Festival). What a wonderful and rewarding experience. His classes challenged me as an artist, but he kept them fun and engaging. I would recommend him to anyone looking to take their performance to the next level."


— Olanna Goudeau, Soprano, Milton Cross Rising Star Award Winner, Minuetto Music Festival 2013


"Corbin is a great teacher. I came to him reluctantly, because online lessons seemed like such a "different" way of approaching acting. I just signed up for two 1/2 hour lessons. By the time those lessons were completed, I had signed up for 8 more hours. That's how impressed I was, and I continue to work with him. I find his method and manner challenging - which is what I expect from good teaching. He makes me do the work based on discoveries I have made in myself - the foundation of which is his teaching me how to look at the script and at my skills in new and fascinating ways. He is not a "let-me-show-you-how" type of teacher.If you are willing to work hard, take risks and make real improvements to your acting knowledge and skills - I recommend Corbin without hesitation."


-Ben Garber, Online Shakespearean Acting Student, 2014



"For me, one of the highlights of the Minuetto Music Festival was working with Corbin. His Master Class on the Singing Actor provided many tools to help with characterization. Working one on one with Corbin was truly an amazing experience. He helped me make solid, musically based decisions about my character and guided me into making my vision of the character into a convincing and satisfying performance reality. Corbin knows his stuff and even more important, he knows how to communicate it to others. I can't wait to work with him again!"


— Shannon Hunt-Caldwell, Soprano, Milton Cross Rising Star Award Winner, Minuetto Music Festival 2012





Philadelphia Voice Teacher
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