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Top 12 Philadelphia Voice Studios

January 2021

Thank you to Expertise.com for naming me in the top 12 Philadelphia Voice Studios for the sixth year in a row! I'm most grateful and congratulations to my colleagues who all made the list.



April 2021


Thank you to Dr. Angelika Nair and Plural Publishing for honoring me with the opportunity to review and contribute to Dr. Nair's new vocal pedagogy text The Tongue as a Gateway to Voice, Resonance, Style, and Intelligibility. This book is sure to become a staple in any voice studio.


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Penn State Abington University Logo
Penn State University- Abington Campus
 April 2021

It's been an amazing semester at PSU Abington and I'm grateful to all my students and colleagues. Well done all!

Also...I may have some exciting news at the beginning of next year. Stay tuned!