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Production Vocal / Dialect Coaching, Acting & Singing Workshops,

Public Speaking Workshops.

CCM Specialist.

Production Vocal/Dialect Coaching, Public Speaking Workshops, Masterclasses, and Residencies specifically tailored to meet your needs!


As an experienced Vocal, Acting, Public Speaking and Dialect Coach with such organizations such as Swagelok Penn, Theatre Non-Conforming, The Minuetto Music Festival, PSU Abington, Philly ASAP and PA State Thespians, I am uniquely qualified to design a practical experience for your company, theatre or film production. And once more, I will work diligently with you to provide this service within your budget. 


I offer work in British RP, German, French, Italian, Russian, Jewish, Irish and more...

Also, my teacher training seminars have been featured at national conferences such as Senior Theatre USA and the Educational Theatre Association as well as having launched numerous programs in a variety of educational settings. 


*Personal injury and property damage insurance included. Please contact me directly for a free proposal*

Closeup of a young male singer recording
Corbin Abernathy
S A M P L E   O F   C U R R E N T   O F F E R I N G S

Park and Bark no more!- Opera/MTR Weekend Intensive

Performance skill integration for the Singing Actor. In this action packed weekend, participants will identify and practice integrating performance modes (facial expression, vocal expression, bodily gesture and emotional impulses) in order to develop richer character choices, sing with greater connection to the text and physically inhabit roles more fully. 


*Recommended for High School through University level actors*

Storytelling for the Singing Actor- Acting Training for the Singing Actor
A study for various methods of lyrical delivery using oration techniques that draw the attention of the audience to what the actor really wants them to know using Shakespearean text as the common modality and then applying the work to modern lyrics for Opera, MTR, Jazz, Pop, etc.

- Presented at the 2014 EdTA National Conference 

- Presented at the 2012,'13, '14 Minuetto Music Festival

- Presented at the 2014 Senior Theatre USA National Conference


*Recommended for High School through University level actors*

Theatre for Social Change Through the Eyes of Bertolt Brecht- Workshop or Professional Development Intensive

This collaborative, practically based intensive will give your students a solid grounding in Epic Theatre performance style. It is designed to expand any actor's repertoire of role creation techniques, culminating in a devised "final project" stimulated by today's vibrant Theatre for Social Change landscape.

- Presented at the 2016 (3hr. Workshop) and the 2018 (6hr. Professional Development Intensive) EdTA National Conferences


*Recommended for High School, University level and Adult actors/learners*


Acting for the Camera- Performance style Weekend Intensive

On Camera acting can be so much different than stage acting.  The camera picks up every little thing, so it falls to all actors to be mindful when on set.  Learn how to treat the camera and connect with your unseen audience. Audition for industrials, commercial and TV/Film work more confidently. 


*Recommended for High School through University and Adult actors/learners*



Before Meisner and Adler- Stanislavski Method

The Stanislavski Method of Acting was widely used in Europe long before it made the jump to the States, where it became something else in the hands of American drama teachers of note over the last century or so.  Many would say something more.


This workshop is rooted in original methods and intents of Method Acting before Americanized versions came about as taught in England and other countries to this day. 


*Recommended for High School through University level actors*

Devised and Improvised Theatre - A workshop for theatre educators and/or residency for students

As a Residency, this practical series gives students the tools to devise, rehearse and perform their own work as opposed to learning a script written by an adult for children.  Students connect with and gain greater confidence when they are guided to tell their own stories.


As a Teacher Training Workshop, instructors learn to guide students through the process of creating a play and open their eyes to more possibilities for telling an effective story.


*Recommended for Elementary through High School actors and Teachers/Directors*


Public Speaking - Beyond picturing them in their underwear

Professionals in most any industry can benefit from the work of Public Speaking.  Learn to analyze, organize, and deliver a confident and meaningful speech, presentation or meeting agenda through oration techniques and physical communication work.

Singing and Acting with Archetypes - Performance Weekend Intensive or Masterclass

Developed by Frankie Armstrong and Janet Rodgers, this work explores new ways of discovering the physical and vocal characteristics of any given character by embodying social Archetypes recognizable in every civilization on earth. 

- Presented at the 2017 Minuetto Music Festival

- One day Intensive Presented in Philadelphia, PA 2017

* Recommended for High School through Adult actors/learners/ singing actors and teachers *

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